Chashing Dreams

Wav Lynx June 2012"

Damn! "Why he so mean to me," we never spend time together, " "you never support me," " I just need attention."All these questions and concerns we ask the other when we feel a certain way, right...Well look maybe they are working on a project or focused. Maybe you feel someone else is in the picture...Well YES, they have a NEW found passion for their new obligation in relation to success in what ever their goal is.

The ones who get the grief the most are usually artist, ball players, DJs, and people in the field of entertainment all together, usually because we are in the lime light and on the road often. There is a sense of insecurity to some people but honestly, the one thing that a dedicated person wants from their significant other is support in all this that they are trying to be successful at the end of the day, and want to really impress that significant the most. At the end of the day he or she comes home too you, and takes you to all the major events like AWARDs , cause you should feel like the prize that will eventually be embraced only when supported throughout their success.

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