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Here is footages of DJ Wav Lynx throughout Career 

Allen Iverson Pool Party

Ladies here really Showed Out in ATL

Cover Model Mizz Kandy Kat and Comedian Charlemagne  with Wav Lynx and Kys Famm 

@3:24 in the SuperMan Cap is yo boy Dj Wav Lynx acting Out with 2 Face the Wild Boy WKYS 939 Style  at the Stadium Club as we Host Vegas Fridays with Cover Model Kandy and Comedian   Charlemagne. We Do it Big Every Fridays in the City. 

Young Jeezy and Trey Songz Party with Wav Lynx "Showtime Saturdays" at Stadium Club in DC

@0.48 yo Boy Dj Wav Lynx partyn with the SuperStars of today.. Everyone who was anyone was here tonight as we hosted and DJ for ShowTime Sat @StadiumDC. Trey Songz , (Wizards) John Wall, Young Jeezy, Big Sean  ​etc. Full House of FUN! DAMN what a Night!  

Model Jenna and  Kelly Devine​ Party wit Wav Lynx & MC Chitown Vegas Fridays


@1:30 Wav Lynx and Mc Chitown talking bout our #1 spot in the city to come party . DC's Finest Club. We Get it In on the Mic and the 1s and 2s. with Angie ange and 2 Face the Wild Boy WKYS939 Fammm

Crank Prince MiniDocu 
       (Dj Wav Lynx) Commercial for Documentary 

Inside quick look of the life of Dj Wav Lynx...Back in 2011 no other Djs were  as outgoing and creatively impacting the industry of Djs.  The young Dancehall dancer turned his foot work to hand working on the turntables. 


Stay tuned for the road to success in my Documentary 360 WorldWide Spinning

Wav Lynx tours the World and was one of the first new waves of Djs to set the new bar for Trends, branding and what is called the NEW Wave. He truly inspired youger generations to DJ among the elite with the guidance of Six Sense,Dj Joe the Catdaddy,and Biz Markie, and the Kitty of the City Jeaniesjoneshow in Washington D.C. Exclusive footage and interviews..


-Diva Look
Amis O mega
ft. Snoop Dogg -MUSIC VIDEO 
Special Guest 
 (Goddess Lynx ) Dj Wav Lynx & LA together in very first Music Video


Throughout Wav Lynx and LA are primarily sitting or up parting on the couch on the left. Had lots of fun filming and parting that summer.  

Latest Project


@10:00 Dj Wav Lynx plays Clevon's Uncle Luther as he walks into Grandma's wild conversations. Meanwhile He is set  to take on a heavy task. TOO FUNNY!!   

Grandma's House Episode.2
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