The Real DJ Wav Lynx


DJ Wav Lynx was born in the mid 80s in Washington D.C.,  He migrated around the east coast growing up around many cultures of Hip-Hop and Music. He believes that music serves as the “universal language of the world,” and a way to express ones loft of communication to others without any barriers.  Lynx believed in the phrase, “to do what you love, and in return their will be no boundaries.” This expressive quote serves as his platform in life. He is the Prime most favored  DJ of Sanbox Ent.  &  A.G.A (ALL GRIND ADMINISTRATION inc), ONESTRUCTUREDJS, producer, song writer, and a self-taught instrumentalist through the guidance of his father Michael.  Being a "JACK OF ALL TRADES," it never stopped him from picking up kickboxing (south paw) or a camera at the age of 15years and becoming one of the first youngest Videographer in the tristate area to get major gigs such as weddings  and fully entered the world of entertainment business and the industry in the early 90s. He also learned to become a professional photographer, videographer, and didn't actually start the study of DJing til after he lost his hearing in his mid 20s. Besides him becoming a  entrepreneur of never ending ideas,  He also became an advocate for education and a humanitarian. 



Wav Lynx has been studying music at the age of 7yrs with the influences of various pioneering artist and DJs such as, Tribe called Quest, Pete Rock, musicians Bob Marley and Fela Kuti, 2pac and even inspirations from Bone Thugs n Harmony. Fela impacted Wav Lynx’s mentality on music, when he quoted that “Artists must be the future leaders of men: they will aim for freedom of thought.”


The Nation’s Capital proved to mother many talents, especial in the African American Community . Washington DC gave life to Muscians, Actors, and Comedians like MARTIN LAWRENCE", songwritter "WALE" and and RnB singer "MYA". Sam aka Wav Lynx completed college and received his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Through this, he learned the cultural diversities of man, and how to interact with people from all walks of life. No mater the opportunities or adversities Lynx faces, he remembers the vow to devote his passion and devotion to the gift of earring before any other goal. "The value of being able to hear good music ,and actually be able to enjoy the vibe of it, can never be taken for granted again in my  THANK GOD." He now devotes his energy into Music and DJing, while balancing a full time job weekly to support his passion and touring. 



In the winter of 2011, Lynx gradually began to lose his hearing, in which Otolaryngologist could only draw the conclusion that it was a rare occurrence in few people; without any clear reason or explanation. Towards the month of late November, over a span of almost a year, he was blessed with his earring again, vowing to both himself and GOD that he will never take for granted the normal necessities of life such as earring.  His Versatile ability of spinning records has always proved to be acceptable through the response of his crowds.  Lynx studied and practiced all genres of music within his craft while expanding it to greater heights of creativity. Many would say Lynx is “The Life of the Party” or “Crank Prince,” but what is truly projected is an energetic and favorable person with multiply personalities within his musical delivery. He has put out numerous mix-tapes and is consistently in the booth mixing and perfecting the art of music as a producer that can be found on Spotify under DJ Wav Lynx. While pushing for success, he has gone both Coastal and worldwide.  His consistency has landed him in England, Paris, Florida, and through-out the east Coast such as N.Y. and the DMV (DC Metropolitan Area).  Lynx has cluttered the net with countless mixes, songs, and documentaries for his fans and supporters. 


Lynx has created his own language and has made it obvious that he is a trendsetter. With the new Launch of his New Innovative Website in Late 2017, it aimed for Independent Artist to showcase videos and Music on a new iterative platform called "Lynx Visionz." ( He has set the countless trends, Words, and catch phrases like, “YEAAA CUZZZ ,” “You Know da Deal,” and “Maddd” has taken a pole on the DMV area and starting to spread coast to coast. Former websites ( Wav Lynx has numerous business ventures, sponsorships, health, and in music, linking together with partners and evolving brands such as "Goddess Lynx" "VAAMs"  and more to come. 


Lynx learned from an early age to play percussion instruments such as the Piano, Drums, and Roller toms.  Among many talents, he has grasps an eye for videography and has become a Voice Impressionist.  Being an affiliate of Radio One and the various Party Promoters in the Industry, he takes great pride in being a part of an annual non-profit organization called “The New Era Walk for Education.”  DJing on November 12, 2011 at the Department of Education with President Frank A. Bryant, this non-profit organization landed on mass media’s such as: Capital Insider, CNN, FOX 5, Sport Center announcer James Brown, Dr. Cornell West (PSA), the Steve Harvey Morning show and Michael Eric Dyson show. 


Lynx chooses to uplift many creative minds and souls of those who have great potential with the need of positive guidance and motivation. He has a gift of formulating and changing any atmosphere into something positive or create a atmosphere filled with laughter. Since working with Famous Celebrities, Comedians, and Actors like Michael Blackson, he has been featured in movies , IMdb, television (ROB and Chyna Show), and has a YOUTUBE channel from a comedy spin off working with young rising comedian named Davy Ruffin from Washington D.C. When coming across Wav Lynx, he will invoke others into change, by linking his personality into his music or being a fun tidal wave of rocking action and Positive Energy with unexpected surprises, hence the name DJ Wav Lynx. 

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