Next Big Thing in Music - KING LOS

Next Big Thing in Music

​Wav Lynx June 2012

Los Who? YeaaaCuzzz this guy name King Los is gonna be the next big mainstream artist to break on the scene. Only a King can recognize a King since Cassidy. LOL Although there are many underground rappers Like Myo. K -Shine, Loaded Lux and other... My homie MC Chitown first told me about home boy LOS " yo Wav Lynx, i got this artist you need to hear.." (Me) Another one of them ugh..Lets hear it." "Damn he Nice as Ish.." I was blown away by this guy freestyle that i had to download it for myself to hear his talented word play on words. He don't even need to curse to murder his competitor lyrically. And everyone knows I dont hype up jus anybody. He jus became a Ciroc Boy with "BADBOY" so I kno Diddy got summin Planed for him. Along side many other Artist to keep your eyes on in talent in my hear are "B.O.B" "JCole​" "Proverb" and many more. King Los is currently signed to Bad Boy Records. Wav Lynx always sfelt that a battle between Los vs Cassidy is long over do.

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