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Collection of Dj Wav Lynx Mixes 
Summer Lit Trap Mix late Summer ''17-18

Featured you r favorite HIPHOP artist of the 2017 into the new ag of hiphop transitioning from ol skool hiphop artist to the new trendy nad social media era of music and trolling. 

BEST of 2016 Hip-Hop Mix Early Winter ''16

Featured you r favorite HIPHOP artist of the 2016 era.

BEST of 2013 Hip-Hop Mix Early Spring 

Featured you r favorite HIPHOP artist of the 2013 era. The era of flashy cars and Jewels.  When bumping bass got intense. 

BEST of Chris Brown RNB KING

Created by Dj Wav Lynx back in 2011 as a  DJ when Chris Brown was performing in DC and VA. This is for the fans 

Exclusive Hott  Crunk Mix Early Spring ''12

I showcase my gifted talent on the 1s and 2s giving you a blend of  new music  in this hour long party mix, and has been heavily downloaded.  Most of the music still will not it radio til mid Summer. This is my free service to you ..ENJOY!!​

Top 40 Lynx Ish Mix late December ''11

Featured you r favorite Pop artist and Hip hop artist like Rihanna Brittany, Drake, etc.​

Pool Party Lynx Mix Summer2011

1 of the very first live mix Crank session  at the Manson Exclusive Pool Party. Recored by a Supporter who told me to post this mix for my fans.  Enjoy

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